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  Sep 01, 2020

Team Members of the Quarter — Jordan King and Shane Granger

Each quarter Greenville Water recognizes a new Team Member(s) of the Quarter (TMOQ).

TMOQ focuses on recognizing and rewarding employees for their exceptional efforts in supporting and achieving our mission, for going above and beyond the call of duty, exceeding customer expectations, accomplishing a significant milestone or achieving a cost savings initiative.

Jordan King, Geographic Information System (GIS) Trainee and Shane Granger, Damage Prevention Technician were selected as our 2nd quarter TMOQ.

Jordan started at Greenville Water as an intern in Engineering and is now a permanent fixture on the GIS team where she led the development of our summer intern program.

Shana Lowe, Jordan’s supervisor, had this to say about her, “Jordan started at Greenville Water in February of 2019 with very little training in GIS and with the singular task to GPS meters. We quickly realized what an amazing resource she is and she was promoted to GIS Trainee. Her brain is like a sponge and she quickly absorbed everything we threw at her. Within a year, she had not only mastered the GIS software, but was solving complex GIS problems through high-level programming. Most importantly, though, is her attitude. She often comes into my office to excitedly tell me about some new GIS trick or tool she has learned, things that are relevant and fill a business need. She enjoys her job, something I find so extremely valuable to the workplace environment.”

Shane works on our Field Operations team and has been with Greenville Water for 7 years. He is a dedicated team member that always goes above and beyond, whether that means helping fellow employees or serving our community.

“Shane goes above and beyond to help out. Any time I need help with finding a water main for one of my jobs that I am inspecting or designing he is willing to help. If I have issues with getting another locating service to come out an mark their utilities Shane will let me know exactly who I need to talk to. It isn’t just me who Shane helps out like this, I have had many 3rd party contractors tell me on my jobs that Shane helps them out too,” said Jessie Poplin, Greenville Water team member. “Shane is a major asset to Greenville Water.”

We are proud to have Jordan and Shane on our team and congratulate them on an exemplary job well done!