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An application is required for service requiring a new connection (tap), a new meter installation or additional facilities to provide the requested service and this application shall be made to GW’s Engineering Department or online here. The accompanying fees may be found here.

Greenville Water Rates & Fees

Monthly Consumption Charges - Effective January 1, 2023

Monthly Fees
New Construction (Meter & Connection Fees) Base Charge
Commercial/Industrial Residential (4) Volumetric (per 1,000 gal)
Meter Size Meter Capacity Meter Fee (1) Capacity Fee (2) Tap Size Tap Fee (5) Contribution Fee (3) Total Greenville City Greenville County Greenville City Greenville County Greenville City Greenville County
5/8"25 GPM$350$1,3203/4"$100$1,000$2,770$4.52$6.78$4.52$6.78$1.47$2.22
5/8"25 GPM$350$1,3201"$110$1,000$2,780$4.52$6.78
1"70 GPM$525$3,3001"$110$1,000$4,935$11.29$16.94
1-1/2"120 GPM$750$6,6002"$450$1,500$9,300$22.57$33.86
2"170 GPM$1,600$10,5602"$450$1,500$14,110$36.11$54.16
3"500 GPM$2,800$21,1204"$1,300$2,000$27,220$72.21$108.31
4"1000 GPM$4,000$33,0004"$1,300$2,000$40,300$112.83$169.25
6"1600 GPMGW Quote$66,0006"$1,700$2,500GW Quote$225.65$338.48
8"2800 GPMGW Quote$105,6008"$2,100$3,000GW Quote$361.05$541.55


  1. Meter fee is not applicable for new accounts within the City of Greenville (irrigation excluded).
  2. For residential units, including condominiums, apartments and single-family homes, the capacity fee for a 5/8” meter is assessed per unit size as noted below.
  3. Contribution fees are waived when a water main extension is required for new service, contact development services for more information.
  4. Residential base charge is applied to each unit/dwelling served per month.
  5. For taps of 4" or larger on lines of 48" or larger, the tap fee will be based on the estimated actual cost as determined by Greenville Water.
  6. Greenville Water reserves the right to determine the size and type of all meters installed.

Residential Capacity Fee
GW Unit TypeCapacity FeeUnit Description
A$6601-bedroom unit < 1,000 square feet
B$1,0001-bedroom unit > 1,000 square feet but < 1,200 square feet
C$1,0002-bedroom unit with < 1,200 square feet
D$1,3202-bedroom unit with > 1,200 square feet
E$1,320not listed in Category A, B, C or D

Monthly Private Fire Protection Charges

Application for private fire protection systems requires that three sets of plans be submitted to the Greenville Water Engineering Department for approval. It is recommended that the Engineering Department be contacted concerning specific requirements prior to the preparation of plans. The supplying tap will not be made until plans are approved and specific pit construction and valving requirements are met. Bills for private fire services are rendered in advance.

Size of Service PipeSchedule 1Schedule 2
6" and under$9.11$18.22
8" each$16.39$32.78
10" each$27.32$54.64
12" each$45.54$91.05

Service Charges
Delinquent Charge5% of bill with a minimum of $7.50
Non-Pay Service Charge$40
Tamper Fee$40
Unauthorized Water-Use Charge (Minimum Plus Costs)$100
Returned Payment Charge$30
Special Turn-On Charge / After-Hours Charge$40
Meter Testing Charge$60

Service Inspection Fee

This fee is applicable when Greenville Water is notified by the plumber that the job is ready for tapping and/or meter installation but does not meet Greenville Water’s specifications, thereby requiring extra trips. Each such additional trip is subject to the following Inspection Fee, payable in advance:

Inspection Fee – $275

Contribution in Aid of Construction Fee

These fees are applicable where water mains are provided by Greenville Water. When applicable, such fees apply for each connection or tap made on such water mains. The applicability and amount of these fees can be verified at Greenville Water’s Engineering Department.

Capacity Fee

Capacity fees are applicable on all new metered service connections (except dedicated single-family residential irrigation meters that are connected to the original service line). Capacity fees for multi-family dwellings (i.e. condominiums, apartments, mobile home parks, and duplexes) are assessed by unit size, rather than the meter size. In addition, capacity fees are applicable for existing accounts where:

  1. An increased meter supply is required (the account will be credited for previous capacity fees paid).
  2. Additional meter(s) are installed.
  3. Commercial or industrial meters, 1-inch or larger, that were installed prior to February 1, 2006 and there has been no water service to the account for at least two years from the date of the application to restore service to the meter.