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  Mar 07, 2024

Greenville Water receives prestigious AWWA 2024 Exemplary Source Water Protection Award

Greenville, SC – 3/7/2024 Greenville Water has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious AWWA 2024 Exemplary Source Water Protection Award for Very Large Source Water Systems (100,000 or more service connections). The award will be presented at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference in June 2024.

Greenville Water takes pride in the quality of its water – in particular, the water sourced from its two owned and operated watersheds of Table Rock and North Saluda. The protection of these pristine watersheds is of paramount importance to the Commission and senior leadership as demonstrated by the significant commitment to protect these critical company resources. As stewards of these two watersheds, Greenville Water has sought not only to maintain the unspoiled conditions of our watersheds but has worked to reach out to our community partners to assure that the watersheds remain pristine for future generations of South Carolinians.

“The hard work of many Greenville Water team members, both past and present, has gone into ensuring the highest quality source water in the United States,” said Greenville Water CEO Jeff Boss. “I want to assure you that your Commissioners and I are committed to continuing policies that ensure the highest quality, affordable, and sustainable drinking water.”