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  Feb 22, 2024

Greenville Water partners with The Nature Conservancy and South Carolina Forestry Commission for Prescribed Fire

Greenville, SC – 2/22/2024 – Greenville Water collaborated with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the South Carolina Forestry Commission (SCFC) to conduct another prescribed fire within the North Saluda Watershed. The controlled burn took place February 21, 2024, with approximately 50 acres of land burned. The tract burned was prepared in partnership with TNC’s help in 2023.

Prescribed fires are an essential tool for land management within Greenville Water’s watersheds and improve ecosystem health and prevent wildfires, which in turn improves water quality. As a part of their commitment to delivering quality water and a sustainable future, Greenville Water prioritizes community partnerships to promote environmental sustainability.

“Prescribed burns can be directly tied to our water quality,” said CEO Jeff Boss. “In order to protect our water quality, the environment around our water sources needs to be kept clear by disposing of the potential fire fuel such as dry leaves and logs. If a wildfire breaks out near a valuable water resource, the debris could affect the quality of your drinking water.”

Conservation Technician and Burn Manager, Austin Williams, stated “Greenville Water is grateful for the strong partnerships and personal relationships we have formed with SCFC and TNC staff on the fire line. Gaining burn experience with them leading fire on our property has been invaluable to building our own fire program.”

The prescribed fire was conducted under strict safety protocols and in coordination with local authorities. Community members were advised that smoke may be visible in the area during the burn but dissipated quickly.

Greenville Water conducts prescribed burns regularly.