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  Oct 21, 2022

2021 Greenville County Water Quality Report

Greenville Water is pleased to present our 2021 Water Quality Report. Each year, the team at Greenville Water works diligently to protect our watersheds, ensure our treatment practices are highly effective, and provide you, our customers, with safe drinking water. Once again, we are happy to report that Greenville Water meets all of the strict drinking water standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC).

In order to protect its customers, Greenville Water and SCDHEC collected 28,767 samples and performed 118,080 tests during 2021. Greenville Water ensures your water quality by testing water samples collected during the treatment process and as the water is delivered to customers through 3,057 miles of pipeline. The 2021 Water Quality Report indicates that our water is safe to drink.

Greenville Water draws water from three sources: Table Rock Reservoir, North Saluda Reservoir and Lake Keowee. Table Rock and North Saluda Reservoirs are both located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Greenville County. Greenville Water owns 100 percent of both watersheds and regularly patrols these uninhabited, pristine lands to ensure they are carefully maintained. The properties are further protected by a Conservation Easement with The Nature Conservancy. Lake Keowee is owned by Duke Energy. 

In 2013, Greenville Water obtained two South Carolina Surface Water Withdrawal permits, one for The Stovall Treatment Plant and one for The Adkins Treatment Plant. The Stovall Treatment Plant has two supply sources, Table Rock Reservoir (2,077 million gallons per month [MGM]) and North Saluda Reservoir (1,860 MGM). The Adkins Treatment Plant has one supply source, Lake Keowee (4,650 MGM).

To raise awareness about the ways in which water pollution can impact your drinking water, SCDHEC has identified potential sources of contamination for each drinking water source in the state. More information on source water assessment can be found at: and Greenville Water’s Source Water Assessment can be reviewed upon request.