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Current and Planned Construction

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The Engineering Department consists of the following groups:

  • – Development Services
  • – Design and Inspection
  • Cross Connection Control
  • – Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • – Hydraulic Modeling
  • – Capital Improvement Program


Development Services staff interacts with customers, architects, engineers, developers, contractors and plumbers to determine the most feasible way to supply their water service needs.

Design and Inspection staff handles all surveying, design and preparation of drawings necessary for new construction.  They also inspect all construction work to ensure it is in compliance with Greenville Water specifications.

Cross Connection Control staff work to eliminate the possibility of contamination within the system.  They oversee the backflow prevention device inspection program.  They also review fire line plans and inspect fire line installations, which are integral parts of the Cross Connection Control Program.

Geographic Information System (GIS) staff are involved with the mapping and records pertaining to water mains and customer connections to the water system.  Using the latest technology, this staff generates all necessary maps and keeps accurate records of locations of water mains, valves, fire hydrants, service connections and meters.

Hydraulic Modeling staff utilizes a computerized hydraulic model to determine pipe sizes, pumping stations and water tanks needed to maintain adequate water pressures depending on the water demands placed on the distribution network.

Capital Improvement Program staff oversees major project expenditures for the water system.  Greenville Water annually updates a 5-year capital plan, but plans for some facilities 25 years or more into the future.

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