Water Resources

Our Water

Feel the Flow. Greenville Water. Greenville’s water stays so pure because we protect it. Owning all of the 26,000 acres of two watersheds, Greenville Water exercises more control over its source water than any water system in the world. Much of Greenville’s water flows from the water system’s protected mountain reservoirs.



  • Table Rock – at the head of the South Saluda River
  • Poinsett – at the head of the North Saluda River
  • Lake Keowee – in western Pickens County

Because we own the North Saluda and Table Rock watersheds, we control what happens on the land. Our own patrol team watches over the area, keeping trespassers out. As part of our dedication to protecting one of our most precious resources, Greenville Water signed a Conservation Easement with The Nature Conservancy, a well-respected, third-party organization created to preserve and protect the natural environment. As part of the agreement, the land use is to remain the way it is, with no construction or development now or in the future.

Treatment Facilities

Witty Adkins Water Treatment Plant, Six Mile, SC: Water from Lake Keowee is treated at the Witty Adkins Water Treatment Plant, a modern facility that recently expanded to a capacity of 60 Million Gallons Per Day (MGD). The plant uses the conventional treatment process of coagulation, sedimentation and filtration.

L. B. Stovall Water Treatment Plant, Travelers Rest, SC: This 75 mgd, state-of-the art facility uses an innovative process of floating impurities to the surface called Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF). Through its filtration at this plant and the Witty Adkins Water Treatment Plant, the water is approximately 10 times clearer than standards require.

Laboratory Services, 50 Pleasant Retreat Rd, Travelers Rest, SC: To ensure the water’s quality, experienced laboratory personnel test water samples daily. This testing assures that Greenville’s water is pure, helping Greenville Water deliver high quality water to over 350,000 Greenville residents.