In Case of Emergency

To report a leak, line rupture, loss of service, or other water emergency:

  • During Normal Business Hours: From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, call 864-241-6000
  • After Hours or Holidays: Please call 864-241-6000 and you will be connected to our after-hours answering service.
  • 911: For emergencies involving incidences such as a crime in progress, a fire, or to request an ambulance, dial 911.

Water-related reminders for emergency preparedness

 Be prepared in advance for a water service interruption:

  • Store one gallon of drinking water per person per day for a potential 3 to 7 days without normal water service. Save drinking water in clean containers or get bottled water for washing hands, personal consumption, brushing teeth, cooking, etc. To have a 7-day supply, a family of three would generally need 21 gallons, but additional water may be needed for people with special needs, such as infants and seniors.
    • Don’t forget to save drinking water for pets.
    • Save water in bathtubs or containers for flushing toilets. If water service is interrupted, a toilet with a tank can be flushed once with the water left in the tank. Then use water saved in a container or bathtub to refill the toilet tank before flushing again.

If water pressure is reduced, reduce water use by flushing toilets less often, taking short showers, stopping outdoor water use and other conservation methods. (Please click here more for more information on how to conserve.)

If service is interrupted when water service is restored, please check the water for discoloration and air bubbles. If there is discoloration or air in the water, run cold water in a bathtub for a few minutes until the water and/or air bubbles clear up. If the water is not clear within about 5 minutes, please contact Greenville Water at 864-241-6000.

Please contact GW at 864-241-6100 if you see damage to water facilities such as fire hydrants, meter boxes, tanks, pump stations or leaks in water pipes.

Because of the possibility of damage to fixtures or pipes in a home, business, etc., make sure you know and mark the location of the emergency shut-off valve in your plumbing system. The shut-off valve may be in a closet near the front of the house/building, or in the crawlspace if there is one. If you vacate your home or business, turn off the water using the shut-off valve.

In the unlikely event that drinking water quality is affected or if it becomes necessary to boil water as a precaution, GW would advise customers through the news media; the IVR (Integrated Voice Response) automated telephone notice program (if conditions permit), e-mails (if conditions permit) to citizens who have shared their addresses with GW; and the GW website. Listed land line phone numbers are normally already in the GW database. If you are not sure that your number is included in GW records or if you wish to add your cell phone numbers, please email Customer Service.

Avoid flood waters including water that is rising or moving fast, and avoid areas where flooding has occurred in the past.

The Greenville Water IVR is an Integrated Voice Response system that gives us the ability to send critical communications via telephone to our customers who have provided us with current phone numbers.