Start/Stop Service Instructions

Turning water on for residential or commercial customers only takes a few minutes.

Your guide for starting or stopping water service at Greenville Water.

To have water service turned on or transferred to another address, CLICK HERE for the online form, or call Customer Service at 864.241.6000, between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Service Notice: Call at least 24-48 hours prior to the date that you want your water to be turned on/off, or transferred. Business Hours: Greenville Water business hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Excluding holidays.

Please note:

A. We do not accept third-party calls.
B. The account must be listed in name of lessee or purchaser/owner of property.
C. Whether you are buying or renting/leasing, we require the following information:

  • The street address where water service is requested.
  • The name(s) to appear on your account.
  • Mailing address if different from the service address.
  • Social Security Number(s) of person(s) applying for service.
  • Date of birth of person(s) applying for service.
  • Place(s) of employment.
  • Primary contact telephone numbers for home and work.
  • Date service is to begin and/or end.
  • Whether you are buying or renting the property (if you are renting, we will need to know the name of the owner or property manager and their telephone number).
  • D. If you are renting/leasing, we require the following additional information:

  • The name of the leasing company and/or owner of the property you are renting/leasing from.
  • The contact number for the leasing company and/or owner of the property you are renting/leasing from.
  • E. Requests for start/stop service after 3:00 pm will be processed next business day.


    For existing Greenville Water Customers:

    Once all of the questions have been answered, your customer service representative will review your credit history with Greenville Water. If you have an unpaid balance(s) the representative will inform you of:

  • The amount of the past-due balance(s).
  • Past-due balance(s) must be paid prior to new service.
  • Deposit amount.
  • No Social Security Number $100 (per active account).

    FAQ: Each monthly bill includes (IF APPLICABLE):

    Greenville Water Charges

  • Water service. (base and volume)

    Reclamation/Sewer Charges

  • Wastewater treatment charge when sewer service is provided. (base and volume)
  • District sewer charge when applicable. (base)
  • Trash pick-up charge for customers located in the City of Greenville. (base)

    The best time to call РWhile there is seldom a long wait to speak to one of our representatives, we are busiest on Mondays, Fridays, and on days near the beginning and end of the month. If you will avoid calling at these times, you will receive a quicker response.

    Please call customer service – 864.241.6000 or visit the main office at 407 West Broad Street for commercial account set-up information. A $150 deposit is required upon approval of application.

    To expedite your request, you may complete the electronic form at the link below.

    Service Request Form

    All requests are worked 8am to 5pm, Monday-Friday.
    Please allow 24-48 hours for services to be processed.