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Doing Business With Us

Purchasing is responsible for the acquisition of materials, supplies, equipment and services necessary for the operation of Greenville Water and to ensure that each purchase is made in a legal, ethical and professional manner.

Purchasing Objectives:

  1. To secure materials, supplies, equipment and services at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining Greenville Water quality standards.
  2. To protect and control all materials being held in inventory while minimizing investment and operating costs to ensure adequate supplies to operate efficiently.
  3. To analyze the condition and value of all surplus items, and obtain the highest monetary value by means of public auction or competitive sealed bids.

Please click on a link below to get details on open RFPs:

RFP 1420-18-2 Adkins WTF Chemical Feed Line Improvements (27mb)

RFP 0001-17-3 Computerized Maintenance Management System

  • Responses to Questions for RFP 0001-17-3
  • Potential Use of CMMS