Update on After Hours Reconnect Policy

Customers whose water service has been turned off due to non-payment may request after hours turn on if they do the following:

  • pay their past due balance in full
  • pay the $40 non pay service charge
  • call prior to 7pm to request their water service be turned on
  • agree to pay an additional $40 after hours turn on charge which will be added to their next bill

Customers can always avoid the after hours turn on charge by opting to have their service restored between 8am and 5pm the next business day.

Customers that call after 7pm will have their water service restored between 8am and 5pm the next business day.

As a reminder, Greenville Water offers many convenient ways to pay your bill, including online payment and pay by phone options.   For added convenience, set up a bank draft or recurring credit card payment in order to make paying your bill hassle free.  Contact us here or call 864.241.6000 to set up these easy payment options.

Greenville Water also offers ebilling that allows you to get your bill faster via email  and to go green at the same time.  Experience the convenience of online billing and stop receiving your bill by postal service.  Registration is quick and easy.  Visit us online here to enroll in ebilling today.