Rutherford Road Area Pressure Improvements Project

(July 2018- March 2019)

In 2014, Greenville Water identified the need to improve system pressures in the Rutherford Road area.  Ground elevations in the Rutherford Road area between North Pleasantburg Drive and Waddell Road are high relative to the elevations of the water storage reservoirs, which supply this area. Because of the naturally varying topography that characterizes Greenville County, the GW system is comprised of multiple pressure zones.  The Rutherford Road area is within the Gravity Pressure Zone (PZ), which is also the largest of the pressure zones. The recommended improvements to the Rutherford Road area involve serving it from the neighboring Hillandale PZ, thus improving water pressure in the area.

To complete the transfer to the higher pressure zone (Hillandale), a new 12-inch waterline will be installed under railroad properties, behind the Bi-Lo Shopping Center and along Rayford Lane to Rutherford Road.

A critical part of the zone boundary adjustment is maintaining transmission capacity through the project area to the Gravity PZ.  To provide this transmission capacity a new 12-inch waterline will be installed along Rutherford Road, from Waddell Road to North Pleasantburg Drive, parallel to the existing 16-inch transmission main.

A third component of the zone boundary adjustment, is a connection between the Tanyard PZ and the Rutherford Road area. This project includes installing a new 8-inch waterline on Piedmont Park Road to create a connection between an existing 8-inch main and the existing 16-inch main on Rutherford Road.  A check valve will be installed in the new waterline. This connection will help supply future peak water demands and fire flow requirements in the project area.

In order to communicate most effectively and minimize any inconvenience to our customers, we have taken a phased approach to implementing this project. Please click here for the schedule.