Protecting Your Children’s Future As We Protect Our Own

Comprehensive Corrosion Controlprotecting-childrens-future

  • Corrosion Control Program proactively initiated by Greenville Water in the mid-1970s.
  • The corrosion inhibitor creates a protective layer on the inner surface of the pipe to prevent the leaching of metals from the pipe material into the drinking water.
  • Approved by SC DHEC when the Lead and Copper Rule was mandated by the EPA in 1994.
  • Over 700 samples are tested annually for metals at the meter.
  • Greenville Water has never exceeded the EPA’s Lead Action Level of 15 ppb, indicating that the GW distribution system has minimal lead components AND the Corrosion Control Program is working as it should.

Sampling Throughout the Distribution System

370 locations tested twice a year for 20 metals and over 20 other parameters

Additionally, Pb & Cu sampling occurs at 50 DHEC approved residences in accordance with the Lead and Copper Rule.

Proactive Pipeline Replacement Program


  • Greenville Water budgets between $5-$7 million annually to replace galvanized lines and pipes.
  • Lead pipe components are replaced immediately when discovered during regularly scheduled projects or emergency line repairs.
  • Over 100 miles (576,015 linear feet) have been replaced throughout the last 7 years.



Greenville Water Strives to Exceed Expectations

  • GW customers are satisfied with, and have confidence in, the high quality water we deliver to their homes.
  • GW reliably provides water with stable physical and chemical characteristics to our industrial and commercial customers, who rely on this stability for the products and services they provide to the community.
  • The current Corrosion Control Program maintains the integrity of the infrastructure, providing a stable passivation layer inside the pipes.
  • GW maintains standards and compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule.