Flushing In Your Area

Greenville Water will be flushing hydrants in the area detailed in the map below (click to enlarge) the week of August 2 — 6, 2021. During this time water is safe to use and consume and will not interrupt your water service.

During the flushing process water moves through the pipes at a higher speed than normal. This allows for the introduction of air in the lines, creating tiny air bubbles that you may see in your tap but this does not affect the safety of water consumption. If this happens, simply run your water for three to five minutes.

To learn more about our flushing program read, What is Flushing and Why it Matters.

If you experience discoloration for a prolonged time or if you experience a significant loss of water pressure after hydrant flushing has occurred, please call our Customer Service team at 864-241-6000.