What is Flushing and Why it Matters

Greenville Water’s top priority has always been to provide quality water to our community. Part of being able to provide such pristine water is accomplished through our robust hydrant flushing program. The program accounts for all hydrants in our service area. In all, that makes for approximately 14,000 hydrants that are fed by Greenville Water.

To maintain water quality throughout the distribution system and ensure our water meets our expectations for our customers, the Water Resources team performs the necessary task of flushing. Flushing, although it may appear to waste water, provides Greenville Water the means to perform water quality tests and hydrant inspections.

Flushing also helps to remove sediment that naturally accumulates in water pipes. Removing these materials through flushing maintains the high quality of the water we provide to you.

During the flushing process water moves through the pipes at a higher speed than normal. This allows for the introduction of air in the lines, creating tiny air bubbles that you may see in your tap but this does not affect the safety of water consumption. If this happens, simply run your water for three to five minutes.

As with all work performed by Greenville Water, we are mindful of customer’s property, and ensure water is not damaging or flooding property during flushing activities. It is important to note that water is safe to use and consume during hydrant flushing and will not interrupt your water service.

If you experience discoloration for a prolonged time or if you experience a significant loss of water pressure after hydrant flushing has occurred, please call our Customer Service team at 864-241-6000.

Click here for a current listing of flushing activities in your area.

Click here for the American Water Works Association resource guide on Responding to Water Stagnation in Buildings with Reduced or No Water Use, A Framework for Building Managers.