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  May 01, 2021

How Does Water Impact Our Lives?

The ‘Why Water Matters’ podcast explores the importance of water and its impact on our lives. Episodes 1 and 2 of the podcasts are available at theafterwordpodcast.com or by clicking the links below.

We discuss all things water including watersheds, water equity, safe water, water scarcity, reliable infrastructure and much more.

While our planet has no new water, we all understand, on some level, that water is a vital resource that is key to sustainable, equitable and healthy communities. Having access to safe water provides social changes, educational opportunities and economic development.

At Greenville Water we have a 100-year plus history of providing quality water for a sustainable future. On the podcast, we share how that history has helped shaped and positioned our community to meet the growing demand for water and for sustaining the quality of life.

Even with Greenville Water having a 100-year water resource plan, we must all understand our role in being good stewards of our water resource. That means practicing water conservation and ensuring we are using water in a sustainable manner.

Reliable infrastructure and water policies are also critical and must be addressed so that we can sustain clean water in our communities.

In the end, all water is connected, and we are all connected to this vital resource. Clean water gives hope and transform the lives all around the world.

Click the links below to listen in as Emerald Clark of Greenville Water’s Public Relations Manager and Mark Smith from IMPACT Water share the way we get water and how we benefit from our most valuable natural commodity.

Why Water Matters, part 1.

Why Water Matters, part 2.

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