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  Feb 01, 2021

Greenville Water Moves to Daily Billing of Services

Greenville Water is moving to daily billing of services beginning March 1, 2021.

Greenville Water has traditionally read meters in four different cycles – each cycle includes approximately 45,000 meters and is read on a specific week each month and then billed to our customers monthly. These 180,000 plus meters are currently read via a visual reading or drive-by radio reading.

On March 1, Greenville Water will be switching its meter read schedule to read meters 20 days out of the month. Instead of reading 45,000 meters a week, Greenville Water’s Field Services Representatives will be reading approximately 9,000 meters each day of the week.

Why is Greenville Water making this change?

The move to daily reads and billing will accomplish several things:

— Creates more consistent read dates from month to month, with the days between reading periods staying closer to 30 days a month.

— Eliminates workload “peaks and valleys” that arise when processing all meter reads in two days instead of five.

— Maximizes efficiency in meter read routes by shrinking the size of each meter route read, while at the same time giving more flexibility to account for weather.

— Provides the opportunity for the mailing of bills the day after the meter reading is obtained.

Customers may notice that their initial bills received after March 1 may reflect slightly shorter or longer read periods for March and April as we work our way into the new billing schedule.

Also, customers who may be subject to disconnection of their service due to non-pay of their bill will notice that the non-pay disconnections will be worked all weekdays (Monday-Friday). Please be aware of the due date listed in red on your bill, as the balance not paid by the end of the due date in red may result in disconnection of your service after that date.

For more information on how to read your bill, please visit for English and for Spanish.

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