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  Jul 01, 2020

Greenville Water Donates Water Fountains to Simpsonville

Water Fountains to be installed at amphitheater, downtown

Greenville Water has generously donated several water fountains to the City of Simpsonville for its amphitheater and downtown to provide the public with fresh drinking water and make a positive impact on the environment.

Three water fountains will be installed at CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park, and one water fountain will be installed on South Main Street across from the new alleyway. Simpsonville Community Relations Specialist Justin Campbell said the City of Simpsonville is forever grateful to Greenville Water.

“Because of Greenville Water, concert-goers and other visitors to CCNB Amphitheatre will have readily available free drinking water,” Campbell said. “Visitors to downtown will certainly appreciate the sight of a water fountain on a hot summer day. Greenville Water is a true partner in serving the public and making Simpsonville and the Golden Strip a destination for all.”

The partnership between the City of Simpsonville and Greenville Water helps to emphasize the value of community-minded initiatives that provide sustainable resources for the Greater Greenville community.

“Everyone should have access to clean, safe drinking water, and at Greenville Water, we take pride in being able to provide that to our community,” said Emerald Clark, Greenville Water Public Relations Manager. “These water fountains serve as an alternative to bottled water, are more environmentally friendly and can support improved public health through broad access to safe and affordable drinking water.”

The City of Simpsonville Parks & Recreation and Public Works departments will install the new water fountains in the coming weeks.