A change in Greenville Water's rates will take effect in January 2024 and be reflected on your February 2024 bill. Please visit Water Rate Change | Greenville Water for more information.

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  Nov 01, 2021

Greenville Water and Sunbelt Human Advancement Resources Partner to Provide Bill Payment Relief

$1.3 Million Available for Greenville County Residents

A collaboration between Greenville Water and SHARE helps Greenville County residents in need of water and wastewater utility payment support by providing emergency assistance to low-income households, not to exceed 150 percent of the federal poverty income level.

The $1.3 million in funding, available through September 2023, may be used to cover disconnected service, pending disconnection or a current bill. Allowable fees include water and sewer-related fees, maintenance fees, late charges, franchise fees, connection fees, hydrant fees, stormwater fees and fire fees.

“During these unprecedented times, SHARE is pleased to announce that we have funds available to assist low-income residents in Greenville County with water and wastewater utilities,” said Pamela Sims, SHARE President and CEO.

Greenville Water encourages customers who have trouble paying their water and wastewater utility bill to apply for financial assistance through SHARE before late fees are applied or interrupted water service.

“I am very proud of the efforts of Greenville Water in connection with this important initiative to provide needed relief for utility bills for those who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and the associated economic downturn and struggles,” said Phillip Kilgore, Greenville Water Commission Chairman.

The emergency assistance funds cannot be used to pay for charges unrelated to water or wastewater services. Such as, but not limited to, electricity, garbage, outside lights, other special product, and services that a customer may have enrolled in.

To apply for financial assistance, contact SHARE at 864-269-0700 or visit sharesc.org to complete an application.

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