Irrigation Meter Policy Questions and Answers

1. Where do I get a weather based controller and sensor?

Big box stores or check the internet for sprinkler stores.

2. Who installs rain sensor equipment?


3. Who inspects rain sensor and controller?

Greenville Water

4. Can the controller be located in the garage?

Yes, but GW will need to inspect it when the irrigation meter is activated.

5. Is there an inspection fee of $275 if it is turned down and not installed properly?

No. There is a 12 month grace period, which will end on September 10, 2014.

6. If customer has septic tank, do they need two meters?


7. What if customer wants irrigation meter for pool or car washing only and has no irrigation system? Do they need rain sensor and controller installed?


8. If customer does not have an irrigation system, do they pay $350 or $500 meter fee?

The meter fee is dictated by “who” does the excavation and buys the necessary parts. $350 if done by contractor, $500 if done by GW. The necessary parts can be found on our standard detail drawing here.

9. What if there are two taps on a combined lot?

For existing lots with existing meters, GW will kill the second tap, customer to pay $500 to add second meter in tandem box (or $350 to have contractor excavate). For new construction and new tap to curbs, GW will set meters on both taps. One for domestic use and one for irrigation use. There is no capacity fee for 5/8-inch residential irrigation meter. Or, the customer can kill the second tap and the customer pay $500 to add second meter in tandem box (or $350 to have contractor excavate).

10. If customer wants 1-inch meter and 1-inch irrigation meter, customer pays difference in capacity fees:

5/8-inch meter capacity fee is $1,320. 1-inch meter capacity fee is $3,300. Customer pays $3,300 – $1,320 = $1,980. Meter installation is done in separate meter boxes.

11. What about 1-inch domestic and 5/8-inch irrigation meter?

Customer pays $350 or $500 depending on who does excavation. A traditional second meter box will be installed in this case.

12. Are locates done by GW on all irrigation meters paid for GW to perform?

If GW excavates, GW gets a locate ticket to do so. If contractor excavates, contractor gets locate ticket.

13. If customer pays for domestic and irrigation meters, and wants domestic meter set now and locate takes a week, will GW set domestic meter and lock the other one?

Yes, provided the customer does the excavation.

14. Who maintains the outlet service line?

GW will maintain the 18 inches of outlet service from the meter to the ball valve for one year. After one year, GW will only maintain to the meter as is our standard policy.