Greenville Water Protects Against COVID-19

The team at Greenville Water is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation to minimize risk to employees and business operations.

All Greenville Water employees have received COVID-19 training. This training provides specific information regarding the origins, transmission, protection measures, business strategies, travel restrictions, countermeasures, impact and action planning. Internal resources and educational materials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, SCDHEC and the World Health Organization are being monitored and made available to our workforce.

In order to protect the public, Greenville Water is poised to take immediate action to separate employees exhibiting symptoms of the virus.

An Emergency Response Plan has also been developed to limit any impact to normal business operations.

The Greenville Water filtration and disinfection treatment methods are effective in the removal of all viruses as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Customers are strongly encouraged to make transactions using our online bill pay system or to call our Customer Service Representatives at 864-241-6000 for assistance. These precautions will help to avoid the potential spread of the virus, while also ensuring the safety and well-being of our workforce.

We do not anticipate the virus causing any disruption to water service for our Greenville Water customers or any impairments to water quality.

Our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), our website and our automated phone line will be updated as necessary with any alerts or office closure notices.


Greenville Water provides service to nearly 500,000 residents of the Upstate region of South Carolina.  Recognizing that water service is critical to the health and well-being of its customers and for the growth and economic vitality of the community, Greenville Water ensures the reliable delivery of high-quality water through careful stewardship of its resources. Greenville Water is committed to providing exceptional service and utilizing safe and effective methods for providing water, while adhering to and surpassing health and safety standards. Governed by an elected Commission of Public Works, Greenville Water is the state’s largest water utility.