Greenville Water Works to Keep Our Community Safe and Informed

Greenville Water’s recommendations for restoring water quality in buildings for reopening

Greenville Water remains committed to keeping our customers safe and informed while also continuing to deliver clean, safe and reliable drinking water to our community during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and buildings reopen, businesses, schools and property management teams will begin the process of reestablishing water use in buildings with low or no use. Greenville Water encourages a proactive approach that includes flushing stagnant water from your facility pipes as a preventative measure to improve overall water quality and help reduce any possible lead levels or bacterial growth after prolonged periods of non-use. While lead is not present in our drinking water when distributed from our water treatment plant to customers, the substance may leach from old pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Flushing also allows the building’s pipes to be replenished with fresh disinfected water. Flushing water service lines and the water connections plumbed to appliances is an easy way to ensure that high water quality is maintained. The proactive flushing practice moves older water that has been sitting in the pipes, out of the building and brings in fresh water.

Consistent with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry guidance, Greenville Water recommends the flushing of pipes to maintain water quality, including:

— Faucets: Run at full flow for at least 2 minutes

— Toilets: Flush at least twice (this will help to move fresh water through the plumbing

— Showers: Run at full flow for at least 2 minutes

— Other Appliances/Apparatus: We recommend flushing other appliances and apparatus thoroughly, at full flow, bringing fresh water into the system. If you have an appliance, such as a refrigerator or ice maker that has a filter, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing water filters upon completion of flushing.

For additional information on flushing, review the EPA’s Flushing Best Practices, EPA Guidance on Restoring Water Quality or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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