Greenville Water Resumes Withdrawals from Table Rock Reservoir

Pinnacle Mountain fire had no impact to quality of drinking water.

Greenville SC-January 9, 2017- Greenville Water will resume withdrawing drinking water from Table Rock Reservoir this week after numerous sample tests reveal no change in the water quality following the Pinnacle Mountain fire.

The Pinnacle Mountain fire began in Table Rock State Park on November 9, 2016. By November 16, the fire had moved into the Table Rock Watershed. As a precautionary measure Greenville Water stopped withdrawing water from the reservoir on November 18 and started a rigorous water sampling protocol. After two months of sampling and several significant precipitation events Greenville Water has determined that there has been no change to the raw water quality in the Table Rock reservoir.

Watershed Manager Henry Poole says the watershed remains in pristine condition. “It’s hard to tell there was a fire in some places. Watershed staff has begun to rehabilitate roads, re-establish water bars and improve sediment control. This work will continue over the next few weeks,” Poole says. Water bars prevent soil and sediment erosion impacting water quality.  “While we anticipated these sampling results, we are very pleased to see them in black and white. These results validate that we are doing everything correctly in our watershed and we will continue to provide quality water and a sustainable future for our customers,” CEO David Bereskin said.


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