Greenville Water Announces New Hire

Dennis Porter has joined the management team at Greenville Water as the Chief Administrative Officer. Dennis PorterIn this new role at Greenville Water, his duties will entail oversight of the departments of Community Relations and Business Services.

As part of the Commission of Public Works’ dedication to strengthening ties with the Greenville Water community, Mr. Porter will be serving as a key contact for business relations and partnerships; and development of programs and events as outreach to Greenville Water’s customers and their neighborhood groups. Additionally, as testament to the Water Commission’s mission statement “Quality Water, Sustainable Future,” Mr. Porter will serve as a main proponent to identify sustainable water resources for the future.

Dennis Porter formerly worked as the Director of Utility Services for the City of Henderson, Nevada, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from New Mexico State University. He has over 27 years of municipal government and consulting experience, is nationally published, and has served on several community and municipal boards, including serving on the Board of Directors for the National WateReuse Association and the Board of Trustees for the Colorado Water River Users Association.