Greenville Water provides the following services, inspections and approvals:

Water Availability Letters – These letters are provided to determine if water is available to a specific area. Please complete the form at this LINK. You may also send a letter of request with the Greenville County tax map number for the property in question to the following:

Mr. Mark Hattendorf
Greenville Water
P.O. Box 687
Greenville, SC 29602
Fax: 864-241-6045

New Meters – If a new meter is required for a property that does not have a meter, contact the Engineering Department.  Fees for a new meter are listed under Development Services.

Water Main Extension Requests – to inquire about extending a water main down an existing street, please provide a written request including your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and tax map number.

New Water Mains – Greenville Water’s practice is to design all new water mains for the system. This allows Greenville Water to maintain control of all system improvements for the sake of public health. To keep water rates as low as possible for existing customers, new development pays for new development. The procedures for a new water main are provided in Development Services.

Greenville Water inspects all new water main installations. Prior to construction, a preliminary “walk through” or preconstruction conference is conducted with the contractor. The contractor should contact the Engineering Department to request a preliminary walk through. Greenville water then makes periodic inspections of the project during construction.

Greenville Water obtains the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) permit for new water main construction. GW has a General Construction Permit from DHEC for a Water Supply Distribution System.

Inspect Backflow Preventer Installations – See Cross Connection Control

Approve Fire Line Plans – See Cross Connection Control

Inspect Fire Line Installations – See Cross Connection Control

Tapping Water Mains – Greenville Water taps or makes connections to all water mains.  This includes taps for customer connections and larger taps where 6-inch and larger water mains are connected to other 6-inch and larger water mains.  The method of “tapping” is used so that the water main can remain in service and not have to be shut down for these types of connections.  Typically, a plumber or other contractor performs the excavation work for our crews to perform the tap.

New Fire Hydrants or Relocated Fire Hydrants – If a new fire hydrant or relocating an existing fire hydrant is desired, please contact our Engineering Department.  Existing fire hydrants have been spaced as required by local fire departments.  The cost for a new or relocated fire hydrant is paid by the customer that made the request.  When a new water main is installed where there is no water main, those new fire hydrants are provided by Greenville Water and the cost is included in the cost of the project.

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