1. Is water available to a specific area and how do I get a water availability letter?

If a verbal verification is sufficient, please contact Development Services – 864.241.6100. For a water availability letter, please mail, fax or email a request with the Greenville County tax map number for the property in question to the following:

Mr. Mark Hattendorf
Greenville Water
PO Box 687
Greenville, SC 29602
Fax: 864-241-6045
Email: engineering@greenvillewater.com

2. I hear a strange noise in my house when I turn off the sink or after the toilet has finished filling. What causes this noise and how can I fix it?

You are probably hearing, “water hammer”, which is typically caused by pressurized water moving in the pipes when a valve has been shut. When the system water pressure in an area exceeds 80 pounds per square inch, Greenville Water recommends the installation of a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) on your service line to protect your plumbing from problems such as water hammer. If you already have a PRV, you might need to contact a plumber to check if it is operating properly.

3. I have a private well, who will test my water?

Greenville Water recommends contacting the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) – 864-241-1090 or any private lab for this testing.

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