Private Development Procedures

Greenville Water

Private Development Procedures

Based on Current Practice where GW designs all water mains.

The term “developer” may mean developer, developer’s engineer or developer’s contractor.


1.         Developer contacts GW about proposed project

2.         Developer provides AutoCAD file of the site plan, consisting of roads, structures and other utilities.

3.         GW prepares a layout drawing

4.         Layout drawing is sent to developer, fire department and developer’s engineer.

5.         If required, developer’s engineer or fire protection contractor prepares fire protection drawings.

6.         GW reviews fire protection drawings, if required.  Approval of fire protection drawings is separate from domestic water taps/meter approval.

7.         Developer hires a contractor to do work

8.         Developer (or contractor) pays for taps

9.         Contractor contacts GW for a preconstruction conference

10.       Developer’s engineer obtains necessary encroachment permit for tap on existing GW water main in public road right-of-way to supply new water main.

11.       Developer pays contractor

12.       GW inspects project

13.       GW makes measurements and takes GPS shots

14.       GW oversees pressure testing and sampling

15.       Developer (or contractor) pays for taps and meters

16.       GW prepares as-builts

17.       GW permits project under GW General Permit with DHEC

18.       A right of way and ownership of mains is transferred to GW or

19.       If mains remain private, an easement for reading meters is granted to GW.