Capacity Fees

Capacity fees keep existing customers from bearing the entire burden of the capital projects needed to supply water availability for our growing community.

Capacity fees are applied to all new metered service connections and for existing services that are increasing metered supply. Capacity fees do not apply to dedicated single-family residential irrigation meters that are connected to the existing residential service line.

For residential units, including condominiums, apartments and single-family homes, the capacity fee for a 5/8” meter is assessed by unit size rather than by meter size as follows:

GW Unit TypeCapacity FeeUnit Description
A$6601-bedroom unit < 1,000 square feet
B$1,0001-bedroom unit > 1,000 square feet but < 1,200 square feet
C$1,0002-bedroom unit with < 1,200 square feet
D$1,3202-bedroom unit with > 1,200 square feet
E$1,320not listed in Category A, B, C or D

For any questions related to the capacity fee, please contact Development Services at 864-241-6100.