A change in Greenville Water's rates will take effect in January 2024 and be reflected on your February 2024 bill. Please visit Water Rate Change | Greenville Water for more information.

Greenville Water asks customers to voluntarily reduce water usage. More information here

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Schedule of Fees and Charges

Effective February 1, 2010 (Adopted by CPW October 12, 2009)

Connection Size On 48" and Above Pipe All Other Pipe
3/4 inch $100 $100
1 inch $110 $110
1 1/2 inch $300 $300
2 inch $450 $450
4 inch Estimated Cost $1,300
6 inch Estimated Cost $1,700
8 inch Estimated Cost $2,100
10 inch Estimated Cost $2,300
12 inch Estimated Cost $3,100

Note: For taps of 4-inches or larger on lines of 48-inches or larger, the tap fee will be based on the estimated actual cost as determined by Greenville Water.

(applicable outside city limits only)
5/8 inch meter (including box) $350
1 inch meter (including box) $525
1-1/2 inch meter $450
2 inch meter $1,600
3 inch meter $2,800
4 inch meter $4,000
All Others Actual Cost

Note: Greenville Water reserves the right to determine the size and type of all meters installed.

Delinquent Charge 5% of bill with a minimum of $7.50
Non-Pay Service Charge $40
Locked Meter Charge $40
Unauthorized Water-Usage Charge (Minimum Plus Costs) $100
Returned Check Charge $30
Special Turn-On Charge $40
Meter Testing Charge $60

SERVICE INSPECTION FEES are applicable where Greenville Water is notified by the plumber that the job is ready for tapping and/or meter installation but does not meet Greenville Water's specifications, thereby requiring extra trips. Each such additional trip is subject to the following Inspection Fee, payable in advance: 

Inspection Fee - $40

CONTRIBUTION IN AID OF CONSTRUCTION FEES are applicable in certain areas outside the City where water mains are provided by Greenville Water. Check with Greenville Water Engineering Department to verify the amount of any applicable fee.

CAPACITY FEES are applicable on all new metered service connections, and for existing services where an increased metered supply is needed. Check with Greenville Water Engineering Department to verify the amount of any applicable Capacity Fee.