Development Fees for New Water Service

Meter SizeMeter FeeCapacity FeeTap SizeTap FeeContribution FeeTotal
5/8 inch$350$1,3203/4 inch$100$1,000$2,770
5/8 inch$350$1,3201 inch$110$1,000$2,780
1 inch$525$3,3001 inch$110$1,000$4,935
1-1/2 inch$450$6,6002 inch$450$1,500$9,000
2 inch$1,600$10,5602 inch$450$1,500$14,110
3 inch$2,800$21,1204 inch$1,300$2,000$27,220
4 inch$4,000$33,0004 inch$1,300$2,000$40,300

* Additional meter sizes are available. Contact Development Services at 864-241-6100.

The following development fees may apply:


Capacity fees are applicable on all new metered service connections, and for existing services where an increased metered supply is needed. Capacity fees do not apply to 5/8 inch Residential Irrigation Meters. The purpose of the Capacity Fee is to keep existing customers from bearing the entire burden of the ongoing capital projects needed for our growing community.

For any questions related to the capacity fee, please contact Development Services at 864-241-6100.


Water availability fees apply to all wholesale water purveyors who enter into a Water Supply Agreement to purchase water from Greenville Water. Water availability fees do not apply where wholesale water purveyors have entered into a Water Supply and Capacity Agreement with Greenville Water. Please contact Development Services for any wholesale account adjustments at 864-241-6100.


Officially referred to as a Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIA) Fee, the purpose is to help pay for the expense of extending water mains in the Greenville Water service area. Effective September 1, 2015, Contribution Fees will be determined by the size of the tap and apply to every district. Contribution fees also apply to private fire protection systems. Contribution fees are collected uniformly throughout the distribution system.


Note: For taps of 4-inches or larger on lines of 48″ or larger, the tap fee will be based on the estimated actual cost as determined by Greenville Water.


Meter fees cover the purchase and installation costs of new meters. For all accounts within the City of Greenville meter fees are waived, with the exception of irrigation meters. Irrigation meters are subject to meter fees.

Note: Greenville Water reserves the right to determine the size and type of all meters installed.


Service inspection fees are applicable where Greenville Water is notified by the plumber that the job is ready for tapping and/or meter installation but does not meet Greenville Water’s specifications, thereby requiring extra trips. Each such additional trip is subject to the following Inspection Fee, payable in advance:

Inspection Fee – $40