Conserve More to Have More


“Greenville h2o. Conserve More to Have More” is Greenville Water’s conservation advertising and promotional campaign theme. While GW has never had to ask for mandatory water restrictions, it is always a good idea to conserve water–which not only saves this natural resource, but it saves you money.

As a resident of the Upstate, you’ve noticed at times that we have not received typical amounts of rainfall. Long-term planning has always been a hallmark of our system; however, in past droughts, coupled with the fact that Duke Energy, owner of Lake Keowee, has in the past requested that the GW reduce its water withdrawal by as much as 25 percent, it is now required that we expand our Conservation Awareness Program to help our customers save natural resources and money.

When weather predictions show that we are in for a severe drought, Greenville Water may call upon customers to:

  • Reduce water use to 65 gallons per person per day.
  • Curtail aesthetic water use.
  • Restrict lawn irrigation whereby customers with even-numbered addresses (and units lettered A-M) water only on Thursdays and Sundays, and customers with odd-numbered addresses (and units lettered N-Z) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

By taking these simple steps we can better avoid possible mandatory restrictions in the future. To learn more easy conservation tips, click here.