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Community Giving Request

The sponsorship committee, made up of two GW Commissioners and the CEO, shall manage the applications/requests received as follows:

  • Requests must be made with sufficient information to allow for proper committee review.
  • Reviews will be based upon Community Sponsorship Objectives.
  • A summary of requests will be provided to the complete Commission at a Commission meeting following each Committee review.
  • Applicants will be notified within 30 days of a decision.
  • Applications must be completed in full in order to be considered.
  • Organization Information

  • 350 characters or less
  • 500 characters or less
  • 200 characters or less. Include age groups, race, ethnicity, income levels, etc.
  • Proposal Request

  • Please note that requests that support individuals, tickets for contests, raffles with prizes, religious organizations, trips or tours for groups, political organizations/ events, out of service area donations will not be considered.
  • In order to be funded, your project must fall into one of these categories:
  • Date of Event / Time Frame of Project
  • Most recent grants received from Greenville Water:
  • 200 characters or less