A Special Thank You from a Customer

Greenville Water’s customer service department is staffed with around 20 employees. This department is responsible for answering phone calls, taking payments over the phone and in person. During the month of November the customer service department answered 20,784 calls, took 7600 payments in the lobby and assisted 365 customers with other issues.


While our Customer Service Representatives responsibility is to interact with our customers, provide them with information, address inquiries regarding services, process payments and resolve complaints, we feel every Greenville Water employee- whether an inspector, an accountant or an operations technician- should be customer service oriented. People will always remember if customer service was really great or really terrible. Every Greenville Water employee is responsible for quality customer service. If our employees represent Greenville Water in a good way, customers will remember Greenville Water fondly. When Greenville Water employees take the time to courteously and effectively take care of customer’s issues, it confirms that we truly care about them.


Occasionally, we have a customer that chooses to express their appreciation for the efforts of our employees to provide the very best service day in and day out. Today our CEO, Mr. David Bereskin, received a handwritten note from a customer impacted by the 48” inch main break that occurred on November 30, 2015. I called the customer who said we could share her letter if we removed her name, address and phone number for privacy reasons. She said she had taken her water utility for granted for more than 35 years. Over this period of time, she could not remember ever waking up without water. She wanted to thank our dedicated staff for the incredibly reliable service over the years and especially those employees that worked long hours to get the water flowing again that cold November day. We are so thankful for customers that recognize the work it takes to maintain 3000 miles of pipeline.

thank you note

Every Greenville Water employee strives to provide the very best service and the very best water to our customers on a daily basis. Like any other job or place of business, there are days that don’t go according to plan. However, our team works diligently to get us back on track as quickly as possible to ensure our customers can continue to enjoy quality water and a sustainable future.