2014 Watershed Management Plan Released

GREENVILLE, SC – The Greenville Water Commission of Public Works approved a formal Watershed Management Plan at its regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting on Feb. 4th. This plan, which was done in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, will help guide the staff on protecting and preserving our precious natural resources at Greenville’s watersheds.

As an important component of the Commission’s drive to provide quality water and a sustainable future for the Greenville area, all recommendations of the “Natural Resource Plan for the Greenville Watersheds” were considered for the Table Rock and North Saluda reservoirs. Greenville Water staff, in conjunction with experts from The Nature Conservancy ultimately recommended 70 best management practices for consideration. These recommendations will serve as a foundation to preserve and protect our watersheds well into the future.

A non-profit entity, the Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization—a million members strong—that works worldwide to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. To read more about the South Carolina Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, click here.

To read the full Watershed Management Plan, click here.